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How Can a Set of Dentures Improve Your Smile?

Dentures can help you reclaim your smile, appearance, function, and confidence that you lost when you lost your teeth. They are dental appliances that hold replacement teeth on a removable dental frame or strategically-placed permanent implants. They can withstand many years of wear with regular cleaning and maintenance, which makes them a smart choice for long-lasting dental health.

Can You Find Many Kinds of Dentures in Fredericksburg?

Yes, you can discover many varieties of affordable quality dentures at our dental practice. Arrange a convenient appointment with one of our experienced dentists to learn about your denture options and determine the best one for you. For a better understanding of your primary choices in dentures, we have answered the most common denture questions below:

How Do You Know If Full Or Partial Dentures Are Right for You?

If you need to replace most or all of your teeth, then you would opt for a full denture. A full denture can restore all of your teeth in your top or bottom jaw. Any remaining natural teeth are first extracted and then you are supplied with a temporary denture to be worn until your gums have healed enough for your permanent full denture. Once your gums are ready, you will receive your permanent denture. This can either be a fixed full denture that is secured with dental implants or a removable full denture that sits atop your gums.

To only replace one or a few missing teeth while keeping your healthy teeth, then a partial denture is the better choice for you. A partial denture is built on a bridge-like framework, yet it is not permanent like a bridge but rather clips onto adjacent teeth with clasps. These claps make it simple to take out for cleaning every evening.

What Are the Benefits of Flexible Partial Dentures?

This type of denture offers more comfort and discretion than a traditional partial denture because it is made of a flexible, flesh-colored substance instead of a hard, sharp material and noticeable metal clasps. The result is a more natural-looking denture that no one knows you are wearing.

What Makes an Implant-Supported Denture Different from the Rest?

It offers greater stability and security than a traditional denture. Instead of sitting loosely on your gums with a high chance of slipping, an implant-supported denture is securely anchored in your jaw by two or four dental implants in your bottom jaw. They are traditionally only used to replace lower teeth because their strength isn’t demanded by a denture in the upper jaw. Yet they still need to be removed and cleaned each night, just as you would a traditional denture.

Why Consider All-on-Four Dentures?

These dentures use an innovative dental implant method to provide the convenience of a fixed denture and greater bite strength. The technique only requires four dental implants embedded in your lower jaw to hold a complete set of artificial teeth.

What Steps Are Involved in the Denture Procedure?

Getting a set of dentures is a simpler process than you may think and only requires a couple of steps that vary slightly based on your dental health and denture preference. Typically, you will first see our dentist for dental impressions and oral measurements that will be used to custom-craft your denture. Next, you will get any damaged teeth taken out and go home with a temporary denture. The process changes if you get implant-supported dentures and you will instead have our dentist insert your implants at this stage. After your new denture has been manufactured, you will have it fitted and adjusted by our dentist to make sure it’s perfect for you.

What Does a Set of Dentures Cost?

Even though costs can vary widely based on the denture that you want and the price of its materials, our dentists can supply you with affordable quality dentures to suit your needs and finances. To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dentists, call our office right away.

When Is a Soft Denture Reline the Ideal Choice?

You would choose this type of denture if you were looking for a softer, more pliable alternative to the hard acrylic base of a traditional denture. A soft reline is formed out of a supple, gentle material that retains its flexibility to provide you with years of relief from dental soreness due to dentures.

For a more complete, confident smile, call our practice today to learn how dentures can discreetly restore your dental function, comfort, and confidence.

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