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It’s common for permanent teeth to be misaligned when they emerge after baby teeth. However, it’s vital to oral and overall health that this problem is fixed. For that reason, many children, teenagers and adults undergo orthodontic treatment. In fact, you and your kids can get quality service from our highly trained orthodontist in Fredericksburg. Schedule a consultation at our dental office to learn more.

What’s the Meaning of Orthodontics?

A special branch of dentistry, orthodontic treatment involves dealing with irregular or misaligned teeth or jaws. Dentists who provide this specialized treatment are called orthodontists. Despite their similarities to dentists, orthodontists go through additional training and education.

More specifically, an orthodontist concentrates on correcting bites and straightening teeth. As a result, dentists often refer people who have these issues to orthodontists. Most commonly, orthodontists use braces to address these problems. Ask our orthodontists about other treatment methods during your consultation.


Why Do People Get Orthodontic Devices?

In the dental field, people may use a few different terms to refer to braces. Orthodontic brackets, appliances and devices are a few examples. No matter what they’re called, they’re a form of corrective treatment for a range of issues:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbite and underbite problems
  • Jaw misalignment that causes uneven bites
  • Buck teeth, crossbite and open bite issues

Correcting these irregularities not only improves the appearance of teeth, but also the ability to chew and talk. On the other hand, not fixing these problems can lead to earaches, headaches, gum disease and tooth decay. Also, they can make chewing and speaking difficult.

What Types of Braces Are Available?

You have a few options for correcting the misalignment of your teeth or jaws. However, the main types are fixed brackets and removable aligners. Ask us about other varieties.

Fixed devices consist of brackets that are attached to the outside or inside surface of your teeth. They’re available in stainless steel and clear ceramic materials. Also, modern technology has made the metal brackets less noticeable and smaller. Another feature of getting fixed braces in Fredericksburg is their titanium or stainless steel bands. They connect a flexible wire to the brackets to control the gradual movement of teeth. Other accessories also may be used to aid the treatment.

Removable invisible aligners are appliances that fit like mouthguards. You wear them as long as possible throughout the day and remove them while eating and sleeping. After two or three weeks, you get a new set and repeat the process until your teeth have moved into the correct alignment. Because of this, you should get removable aligners only if your teeth are just slightly out of position. However, you can also use them after orthodontic treatment to prevent your teeth from shifting.

What Should Parents Know About Children’s Appliances?

Understanding the preparation and care processes for orthodontic devices is important for parents. First, it’s most common and easier for children to get orthodontic treatment between the ages of 8 and 14. The reason is that their facial bones are still developing, so their teeth move into place more easily.

Preparing for orthodontics will involve a complete assessment of the mouth, including X-rays so that we can see where the child’s bite and teeth are positioned. In order to give accurate treatment suggestions, we’ll also make a mold of their teeth. Our orthodontists might also recommend having one or more teeth removed to make room and reduce overcrowding.

Then, you’ll work with one of our orthodontists to customize a treatment plan for your child. In most cases, kids wear these devices for 12 to 24 months. For the treatment duration, your child will return to our office for wire tightening. Although it may temporarily cause slight discomfort, the tightening is needed to gradually shift the teeth.

During treatment, you also need to cut back on the sugary and starchy foods that your child consumes to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Hard foods, including apples and carrots, should be cut into bite-sized pieces to prevent damaging the appliances. Furthermore, ensure that your child thoroughly and carefully brushes and rinses to remove plaque buildup and food particles. For the same reasons, your child needs teeth cleanings every six months.

What About Adult Braces?

Adults can get removable, fixed, or other types of braces. Although there could be slight differences, the preparation and care processes are basically the same. The main difference is that adults tend to wear the appliances longer because their faces are no longer growing. Find out more about getting braces in Fredericksburg.

How Much Is the Braces Cost Expected to Be?

The cost of your or your child’s orthodontic treatment will depend on the type of device and materials you choose. You should also determine your insurance or discount plan coverage because it might not pay for all types and materials. Our orthodontist can estimate your cost after creating the treatment plan. No matter what, it’ll be a good investment in your child’s or your dental and overall health.

Where Can People Get Orthodontic Devices?

Are you searching the Internet for an “orthodontist near me”? If so, you can get the treatment you or your child needs at our office. Schedule an appointment now with our skilled orthodontist in Fredericksburg.

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